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Program overview

* Spring Session 2022 (February through May) 
* Registration is NOW OPEN for beginner students.

* Focus is on basic posture and skills for violin/cello playing. 

* Music from Suzuki books with additional pieces.

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February 2022 through May 2022

구식 시계


Saturday 11am Violin Class,

Saturday 2pm Cello Class

학교 개체로 돌아 가기


Age - 4th, 5th graders / Level - beginners

Group Ratio - Maximum 4 students per class

회계 원


10 dollars per 45 min group lesson

터치 폰을 사용하여



Seung-ah Kim(Coordinator/Violin teacher)

Seung-ah Kim started her love for violin at the age of five. She holds a master’s degree in Violin Performance and Pedagogy from Northwestern University.

Her time there enabled her to teach a large spectrum of students, from beginners to advanced students. Teaching and interacting with students have been her passion for over 15 years. This passion also led her to obtain her second master’s degree in Music Education.

She has taught students in schools, churches, academies, and private studios. Her focus is to teach proper techniques that are essential for quality playing. And she values the power of sound and music that touches the deepest parts of the human soul.

Chang Hyun Lee(Cello teacher)

The cellist Chang Hyun Lee won numerous competitions in Korea such as Seoul Symphony Orchestra Competition, Hanyang University Competition, Kukmin Ilbo (Newspaper) Competition, KEPCO competition, Chamber Competition at Seoul Arts high school.

He has performed as a soloist with the Seoul Symphony orchestra and Soongsil University Orchestra, and he has been honored to serve string quartet at the Blue house for the president of South Korea in 2009.

Also, he published a trio album, “Timirho” (Pony Canon Korea), in 2011. He has participated in the annual PyeongChang Music Festival & School (2005-2008) and studied at Seoul Arts High School, Korean National University of Arts with Myung-Hwa Chung in Korea. Currently, he is pursuing his DMA degree at the College-Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati with Lee Fiser with a full scholarship.

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